Adolescent Years


Some young woman have issues related to cycle regularity, mood swings, migraines, acne, or severe menstrual cramping.

All too often, women are dismissed and given medication to mask their symptoms rather than determining the root cause. Doctors often comment “she will grow out of it,” or recommend birth control pills as a solution. Many young women and their mothers may be hesitant to take these synthetic hormones, and I must agree but perhaps for different reasons.  From a health perspective, adolescence is precisely the wrong time to be taking hormonal birth control, especially as regular ovulation can take several years to become established. Birth control pills replace hormones in the body and actually stops ovulation. It does not address the root cause.

A Health and Wellness Consultation may assist you in addressing the underlying problem of such symptoms. There is much that a holistic approach can achieve to help, including diet, lifestyle, nutrition supplementation, and herbal remedies.


I work only with clients who are ready to take full responsibility for their health.

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