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Conventional medicine treats clusters of symptoms rather than a person with health problems. It is rare for a physician to ask what you eat or scrutinize your diet, let alone investigate why you became unwell or address the root cause of your ill health. All too often doctors, and specialists examine only the part of the human body that directly concerns them rather than looking at the whole.  This method of healing can lead to multiple practitioners prescribing multiple medications which may well result in side effects which leave you sicker and more miserable than when you began!  For example, suppose you visit a gastroenterologist who treats your GI problems with drugs to suppress those particular symptoms. If you have other symptoms, for example in your reproductive area, you are also referred to a gynecologist who may also give you drugs to mask those symptoms.   And so on and so on.



Are you ready to restore your health by getting to the root cause?


I believe you are the best expert on yourself.  My wish is to ignite change within you and empower you to retake control of your own health. I am dedicated to assisting people to overcome chronic health problems and to achieve a life of wellbeing.  Even in cases where, despite everyone’s best efforts, a full recovery is out of the question, significant health improvements can be life-changing.  I especially enjoy reaching out to those who have tried just about everything else and are at the end of their rope mentally, physically and emotionally.

“The conventional medical paradigm has trained patients to be passive recipients of medication, rather than active participants in their own care”.
— Chris Kresser

Using a naturopathic approach, healing is a lot like “peeling the onion” which means slowly peeling layers away until the root of the problem can be found and dealt with. Onion peeling can be a slow method when there are many layers of issues to work through.  

Healing is never easy. It can take the body at least three months to begin healing plus two months for every year that there has been a chronic imbalance.  My rule of thumb is typically for each year you have had your problem, budget two months of naturopathic treatment. For example if your problem has been for three years, we will aim for nine months of treatment. Most chronic conditions have taken years to develop and one cannot expect these conditions to diminish over night.  Healing through natural methods is about correcting the underlying imbalances which have lead to the condition not merely suppressing the symptoms. I will help you create an upward spiral back to health where each step builds, shifts and supports you on your wellness journey. With the end goal being you won’t need to come back to see me.


Once we have decided to work together you can purchase a Health and Wellness Consultation or choose the Chronic Health Care Package.


Chronic Health Care Package.

Motivation and commitment are two different things.

Motivation can help you get started, but it is only steadfast commitment that will bring lasting improvement to your health.   

That is why I offer a six-month plan with monthly follow ups and unlimited email support.


  • Includes the $150.00 Health and Wellness Consultation.

  • Five (5) 30-minute phone, messenger or Skype follow up consults (monthly recommended).

  • Unlimited emails for six months – best for quick questions, clarifications, progress updates, and any changes in health status. Emails do not take the place of follow up phone calls/skype sessions.

  • Help with realistic goal setting along with ongoing support and accountability.

  • 15% off all practitioner supplements and herbs (in New Zealand only).

  • Optional continuation plans available: Follow Through Package or Further Investigation Package

 How do we start?


Once payment is received I will send you a very detailed Confidential Client Intake Form, asking comprehensive questions which provide information to assist me in finding the root cause of your problem. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and really share your story, including your birth, your childhood, your family’s health, your emotions, your diet, lifestyle, exercise and about how the problem began, your symptoms, what makes it better or worse. I encourage you to be as open as possible – the more details, the better.  I include a health history timeline for you to complete, so we can visually relate your health circumstances to other milestones and life situations.  The questionnaire is designed to search for connections between body systems and ailments. I realize that recounting your story can be a painful or an emotional process. It may also prompt you to begin reflecting on areas in your life that, consciously or subconsciously, cause stress or dysfunction and may actually be sabotaging your wellbeing. But also, it can be a starting place to heal.

I also request complete details of any medications or supplements (herbal or nutritional) that you are taking (brand name and dosage), along with copies of any medical test results (blood, urine, etc.) that you have had within the last 12 months and/or letters from medical specialists that you have received within the last 12 months – longer if they relate to your primary complaint.

Besides reviewing your health history and diet, I also offer iridology and read the body with nail, tongue, and facial diagnostics. You may submit optional photos of your iris, areas of your face, your nails and tongue. If applicable, I may request some non-invasive relevant physical exams and naturopathic assessments. These can be done by you with the help of a partner or friend.

Where appropriate I offer naturopathy modalities, highlighting one or more that will be the most beneficial for your situation, and providing other options from a range of nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, aromatherapy, flower remedies, and or homeobotanicals. I am certainly not a naturopath that gives you a long, often expensive prescription to purchase. I do not want any of my clients ending up with a supplement graveyard in their homes. My main focus is on the application of diet and what you eat everyday, but also often more importantly what you are digesting and absorbing from your food. In addition, lifestyle including stress management, sleep and exercise which are also the basic foundations of health. Herbal and nutritional medicine can support this.

I recommend only high-quality supplements that are free of synthetics and fillers and are available for purchase only through practitioners. Pricing varies, but clients enrolled in a Chronic Health Care Package or Women’s Wellness Package receive a 15% discount (New Zealand only).

Fees for any supplements, remedies, and laboratory tests, etc., are not included with any package pricing.  Charges for these items are separate.

Supplements and herbal remedies can be shipped within New Zealand for a small postage fee.


Extra Packages

Extra packages can be added as true healing is not linear. Everyone heals at their own pace, some like to make slow changes so as not to feel overwhelmed, some have twist and turns on their healing journey, so treatment plans need to be adjusted. And with unlimited emails I am available, so we can address any issues that come up and to help clients feel supported with the diet and lifestyle changes they are making. I want YOU to know I’m right by YOUR side, even between appointments! With of course the optimal goal is you no longer need my help and are feeling better.


Follow Through Package


This is a three-month extension of the Chronic Health Care Package for those who wish to continue working with Leanne Morris Naturopath. The cost is $250.00 and you may re-enroll as often as required, back to back.

The Follow Through Package includes:

  • Three 30 minute phone, messenger or skype follow up consults, these are best used each month to help keep you on track and motivated as well as make any changes to your health plan.

  • Unlimited emails for three months for any questions, updating Leanne on how you are progressing, any changes in health status. Emails are best for quick questions and for clarifying things that have already been discussed. Emails do not take the place of follow up phone calls, messenger or skype sessions.


Further Investigation Package


This package is for clients who require investigation into a health problem and have worked with Leanne Morris Naturopath within the past two years.  

Further Investigation Package includes:

  • One consultation lasting 30 minutes via phone, messenger or skype to discuss client’s current health issues and to discuss what area the client requires further investigation in.

  • Unlimited emails for any questions for one month, updating Leanne on how you are progressing, any changes in health status. Emails are best for quick questions and for clarifying things that have already been discussed. Emails do not take the place of follow up phone calls, messenger or skype sessions.

I work only with clients who are ready to take full responsibility for their health.

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I will then make contact with you and arrange a complementary 15 minutes skype or messenger (World Wide) or phone conversation (landline only in New Zealand – I do not do Cell phones). This will enable us to work out if we are a good match for a healing relationship. Please note that Leanne is not able to give any health advice during this conversation.
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