I’m a holistic practitioner, but I’m SOO much more than that!

  • Certified Clinical Naturopath

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Herbalist

  • Wife

  • Mother

  • Educator

  • Organic gardener

  • Seeker of nature

  • Simple living

  • Homebody

  • Empath

  • INFP (Myers Briggs)

  • Bibliophile

  • Cat servant

  • Animal lover

  • Shepherdess

  • Renovator

  • Quilter

  • Knitter

  • Cross Stitcher



I never intentionally set out to be a healer – in fact in my pre-baby years I was climbing the corporate ladder as a Bank Manager for ANZ Bank. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the paths my life has taken since.

I met my husband of over 32 years when I was 16, and we married when I was 21. In our first year of marriage we found out I was unexpectedly pregnant. We were surprised and overjoyed. Sadly, the baby was lost to a miscarriage and was followed by seven years of infertility and seemingly endless cycles of heart-breaking miscarriages.  Finally, we welcomed our first child. More miscarriages, then our second child was born.

 I left my corporate career, focusing instead on the care of my unwell babies.We moved to a home with a granny flat, so we could look after my much-loved and aging in-laws. When they passed I home-schooled our children for 16 years, which back then was rather radical unless you did it for religious reasons. Our next move was to a lifestyle block on the Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand where we have enjoyed a rural life for the last 18 years.



Our family is totally engaged with the rhythms of nature. We stay in tune with the seasons, the phases of the moon, and we celebrate The Wheel of the Year. We embrace a simplicity/minimalist lifestyle and rely as much as possible on the seasonal provisions of our large vegetable and herb gardens, following organic and gardening-by-the-moon principles. We strive to live off our land by growing our own food, harvesting our firewood, and raising sheep, chickens, and geese. Our beloved menagerie also includes four cats, one doberman and two poodles.

Due to a family member being chronically unwell – in fact, bedbound on a cocktail of pain killers - we spent thousands and thousands of dollars seeing practitioners and travelling far and wide, trying to find someone who could help. As a naturally curious research junkie, I would spend hours and hours searching for a clue to the cause. We tried dozens of doctors, specialists, herbalists, homeopaths, and naturopaths. I tell you, when you have a family member who is suffering, you try everything! Every healer contributed a little, but we never saw any amazing progress. I would be terribly frustrated that we only had a small window of time at each appointment, and labels would be given by different specialists – none of whom ever viewed the body as a whole. Instead we would see a gynaecologist, a paediatrician, an immunologist, a rheumatologist, and they all named a different diagnosis to add to the long list.  The number and strength of prescribed painkillers was alarming.  I remember plotting a spreadsheet of which pill, how many times a day and for what pain in an effort to present my concerns in black and white during the all-too-short doctor visits.  We saw an herbalist who agreed the number of painkillers could actually cause much harm, even kill. The herbalist helped a little, but she listened more to the list of diagnoses we'd been already given rather than getting to the root cause, and her focus on supporting the liver actually caused more harm than good.


Finally, I reached a turning point after leaving the hospital in tears, having been told by yet another specialist that it was hopeless, there was nothing more to be done, this was to be our life journey. I trained to be a clinical naturopath. After years of feeling helpless and frustrated I was now able to more fully participate in and contribute to the health and healing of my loved ones.  Our own doctors and specialists are amazed at the progress that has been made. Family members are in remission and no longer taking allopathic medication. Not that I am against pharmaceutical drugs. I firmly believe there is a time and a place for them. I also hold much respect for doctors and specialists and other healers. I believe many different healers are needed on a wellness team, and naturopathic treatment can be extremely beneficial working in conjunction with medicine prescribed by specialists or general practitioners.

Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.
— Amelia Earheart

So here I am, a qualified clinical naturopath. My family and I are proof of what can be achieved. My next chapter in life is offering to help others on their wellness journeys. With the ability of technology, I have a virtual practice, we can work together via skype, messenger or phone. This will enable me to reach out and work with others while continuing to fulfil the responsibilities of maintaining our lifestyle block and tending to our large gardens and orchards. For that all-important balance in life, I also enjoy walking our dogs, craft work – knitting, quilting and working towards making a handmade wardrobe, listening to audio books and renovating our 1900 villa.

I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination
— Zig Ziglar



My passion and areas of focus are preconception care, women’s health, and to care for those facing chronic illness. In my family alone, I have personal experience dealing with asthma, eczema, irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, life threatening food allergies, food intolerances, dyslexia, dyscalculia, endometriosis, myalgic encephalomyelitis often more known as chronic fatigue syndome, fibromyalgia, insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, infertility and repeat miscarriages.  My first-hand experience with these many conditions brings a personal understanding of the role of being a caregiver to the chronically ill, and also an empathetic viewpoint of one having lived with poor health. I believe these life experiences bring a different dimension to helping my clients on their wellness path from chronic illness. In addition, I have a special interest in autoimmune diseases, anxiety, ADHD, PCOS, infertility and caregiver support.


Diploma Naturopathy

Level I and II Usui Reiki

Certificate Bach Flower Remedies

Certificate Relaxation Massage