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Many couples plan for months their wedding, holiday or of what car to purchase but often little thought or planning goes into preparing their bodies so that they have vigorous sperm and the healthiest egg possible to support ovulation and conception.

As a gardener I always prepare my soil well before I plant a seed, and this is what I see as preconception care to be. A preparation period of at least four months is ideal as it takes up to 116 days for men to produce new sperm and 100 days for the egg to be mature for ovulation. These 16 weeks before conception is the best time to address any nutritional deficiencies, address lifestyle habits e.g. sleep, stress, emotions, reduce as much toxins as possible and begin a preconception diet.


In the instant that the sperm and egg combine, an irreversible genetic blueprint is formed for the future development of the baby.
— Francesca Naish

The Preconception care program is suitable for couples who are wishing to begin their family in the next six months. If infertility has been a factor or you have any significant reproductive or health issues, the Women’s Wellness Package or Chronic Heath Package would be a better place to begin.

I prefer to work with couples, with both parties being on board seeing me at least four months before conception as it takes two to make a baby! Traditionally preconception care has been mainly focused on the woman. But research suggests sperm counts among men have more than halved in the last 40 years. Study of causes of infertility suggest that 30% is a male factor, 30% is a female factor, 20% both male and female factors are present and 20% unexplained.

If oral contraceptive pills have been used it is recommend that these are stopped six months before conception as they have an effect on hormonal levels and can take six months to be eliminated from the body, and they also affect nutrient depletions.

Health & Wellness Consultation

$150.00 per person or $250.00 for couple. 


Pre-consultation forms are to be completed individually as well as a food and elimination diary.

Once I have reviewed your forms you will be offered a 30-minute consultation where we will go over your forms together and you can clarify any questions I have. 

Then I will go away and do my detective work so that I can understand your health history, issues and symptoms and begin to review your health. 

A follow up 30-minute Skype, messenger or phone conversation will be scheduled to discuss my findings.

There is no obligation to move forward after this consultation. However, $150.00 can be credited towards the Chronic Health Care Package, Women’s Wellness Package or Preconception Care.

Or if a couple, $250.00 towards the Preconception Package.

16-week Preconception Care Package.

$390.00 per person or $490.00 per couple.


• Includes the $150.00 Health and Wellness Consultation or $250.00 for couples.

• Three (3) 30-minute phone, messenger or Skype follow up consults which are best used each month as a couple (unless you have chosen the per person option).

A 16-week course which address the following:

  • Nutrient requirements for conception
  • Temperature charting for fertility
  • How to keep a mucous and menstruation chart so that you can understand optimum conception times.
  • Preconception diet
  • Addressing stress
  • Lifestyle changes, e.g. sleep and exercise
  • Reducing toxins in your environment and your body

The Preconception Care plan cannot guarantee you a baby.  I am not an infertility practitioner.  The aim of this program is to provide you with an in-depth understanding of natural fertility cycles, an increased awareness of your own body, its rhythms and patterns, and the means to purposefully prepare your body for conception. In cases where infertility needs to be addressed by other specialists, this course lays the groundwork for informed dialogue and optimal pre-treatment health. 

I am passionate about preconception care and have heavily reduced the package if you begin this journey as a couple with it being approximately $15.50 each per week for 16 weeks. It’s about the same price as a nice bottle of wine once a week – which I will be suggesting you give up anyway during the 16 weeks.

Please note the couple package means the follow-up and emails are done as a couple not individually.


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